D. A.V. School which is situated in the heart of city is well ventilated, having a healthy environment for the students. Both the building have spacious and big rooms comprising with good furniture and teaching aids. Teaching is done with advance teaching techniques.
1.The School’s Main Building is Centrally Air Cooled, whereas our Branch Building is fully air-conditioned.
2.Insurance against Accident: - All the students of the school are insured against any unpredictable happening with an insurance company, within Jaipur. In case of any accident, a claim can be made by our covered authorities within a span of 48 hours. The claim will then be passed by the Insurance Company according to their rules. This facility is provided by the school is Free of Cost.
3.The school facilitates the students to open their savings bank account in a branch of Punjab National Bank, situated in Brahampuri in order to learn banking transactions.
4.Medical Check-up :- The students are also provided with a facility of free health check up by our team of qualified doctors at least once in a year on the basis of an issued card meant for their signature identity to remain healthy under in any season.
5.Close circuit cameras are installed for having proper control over the students so as to mobilize them with these respective teachers.
6.We have CCTV Surveillance Room to keep our strict & continuous watch on all class rooms by a dedicated staff in order to maintain discipline and security.
7.An Audio- Visual instruction room equipped with all the facilities required for a support in audio- visual aids compact disc and tapes, projectors etc.
8.We have Musical Band of students of DAV.
9.Various playing equipments along with teaching aids like swings, slides, toys, educational display charts, magnetic boards, merry go round, Play pool, Mickey Mouse, Busy beetel car, Tunnel etc. for Play Group/ Nursery classes.
10.The school has 4 large water coolers with aquaguards to provide cool and purified water with proper hygienic standards.
11.Periodic visits for leisure and enjoyment to emphasize on the development of practical abilities in our students.
12.Various competitive activities are regularly conducted for the overall development of the child.
13.We believe in upgrading the hidden talents of our respective students which results in developing higher frame of environmental statics.
Labs & Classrooms
In main building school has fully furnished 37 class rooms and one activity hall.
In Branch Building school has 19 fully air conditioned classrooms and one activity hall.
Smart & Digitalized Class Rooms
We have smart board class rooms, 3D (three dimensions) lab associated with Educom, Delhi and teach Next Delhi.

English Language Lab
We have English language lab associated with SANAKO, FINLAND to enhance the communicative skills of the students.

Computer Lab
We have 2 well equipped computer labs fledged with 40 multimedia computers with coloured monitors. Power system connected to high speed internet. The computer lab is also equipped with wide range of application software. In branch we have one computer lab.

The school has modern, spacious, beautifully designed and well-resource library in both the campus with open book shelves to provide senior and junior students with the opportunity to discover the enchanting world of knowledge. The stock is updated regularly and the students are encouraged to use this facility to inculcate a love for books from an early age.

Play Ground / Sports
Keeping the thought of fitness and health, the school organises games and sports time to time. For that purpose the school hires Chaugan stadium. For play games various playing equipments like swings, slides, toys, merry go round, Play pool, Mickey Mouse, Busy bitel car, Tunnel for Play Group / Nursery classes are available in the school premises. We offer sports activities and games to all students who wish to get the skills under the guidance of a highly qualified sports coach.